5 Important Reasons People Leave a Country

by Alex Well

People are changing where they call home. They are leaving their beautiful homes with great furniture, mattresses, and other comforts to head to other parts of the world. Within the past year, the world has been uprooted and tossed on its side. As the COVID-19 pandemic ripped through many struggling nations, the desire to leave has risen.

However, not everyone looking to leave it all behind come from countries with poor infrastructure. At alarming rates, citizens are looking for new countries to call home.

While there is no way to say definitively, "this is why someone chooses" to leave it all behind. Here is a list of five common reasons why someone might want to call another country home.

Reasons People Leave A Country
Reasons People Leave A Country


The past year has delivered an almost unfair amount of polarization in the political world. The United States, for example, performed as the main actors in what appeared to be an international "what the" moment.

So, some Americans who sought to call Europe and other places home following the politics believe their views are better represented elsewhere. In other words, this country no longer holds the same views and future goals that they share for it.

So, they are taking to the road, leaving it all behind, and staking their claim in a future different than their birth land. But, unfortunately, politics has become a large motivating factor for where people live.


Before the pandemic, some countries were already teetering on the brink of collapse. Many South American countries like Brazil have been rocked hard by the thrall of COVID-19. So, the little money that was reserved for infrastructure was displaced to fight the virus.

A common reason a person might flee because of infrastructure concerns is when buildings start collapsing because inspectors cannot afford to be paid. When roads, schools, and hospitals fail to serve the public as they are intended to.

There are many reasons why a person might flee, but when it comes to infrastructure, think of situations larger than needing new housing.


The pandemic has highlighted many flaws in the once impenetrable armor of national leaders. Some have chosen to flee their countries as a result of profound incompetence. Seeing that their lives were at the whim of a childish dictator or moronic buffoon was all the wake-up call some needed.

Leadership from countries like Brazil and some Asian countries has come under fire for not handling the pandemic. Some citizens recognize that the death tolls paid by their country far exceed others, and the blame falls squarely on the leadership.

Sometimes, individuals who believe that public health should triumph over political greed may find it best to flee. And, in some cases, it is for a good reason they do. This might also include a shortage of vaccines available to help fight emerging variants of the novel Coronavirus.


One of the worst reasons a person can flee is from conflict. Unfortunately, the world did not see a decrease in violence amid the pandemic. In fact, in many parts of the world, fighting happened but was worse than pre-pandemic conditions.

For example, the fighting in Israel and Palestine has left many homeless. In Africa, Ethiopia's fight with ethnic cleansing has made the Tigray region almost inhabitable.

Individuals who flee from conflict are seeking safety and security. Despite the threat of death from viruses, these individuals often have to outrun gunfire, bombs, and machetes.


On a more positive note, the pandemic was great for individuals who enjoy working on themselves. Many have discovered new hobbies and passions amidst the long months of quarantine, so much so that universities have received an uptick of interest for international studies. With newfound respect for many health care professions, the need for qualified education and researchers has never been greater.

Individuals who are leaving it all behind to pursue education are likely to see a better future in a new land. This includes childhood education. Some parents have homeschooled their child and recognized severe holes in their countries education policies.

In these instances, some parents are moving to help give their children future opportunities that might not be available in their own country.


Many companies are leaving the United States and are doing business in other countries. They are taking a lot of their employees with them. They say that they will have to pay fewer taxes, and that is quite the incentive to move.

So Remember

It is impossible to say why anyone chooses to leave their country without listening to their story. However, there are several common themes between them. Keep in mind, the decision is never easy to leave one's homeland. So, typically, they only do it for good reasons. Find out why and be kind.

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