Best eCommerce Platforms 2021

by Alex Well

E-commerce is in the business for a very long, it isn't going out of fashion in the coming years. The evolution has made it one of the strongest tools to take your business to great heights. As in the past few years, internet users have spiked quite considerably. Which makes it even more engaging. Doing business online is not that difficult in today's era. There is a number of platforms providing their best services to expand your business. Here we have the full details of the few best platform, that can boost the engagement of your product and certainly can help you take your business to next level.

10 Best eCommerce Platforms 2021

Best Ecommerce Platforms 2021
Best Ecommerce Platforms 2021

In this section, we have enlisted a custom e-commerce development company to choose from.


The mightiest of them all is Shopify, providing its services to all types of businesses. It is flexible as it has almost two thousand mobile apps. Each one of them being user-friendly. Shopify offers a very effortless back-end for e-commerce businesses. The built-in CMS and numerous themes are what make it the best. This platform is very efficient yet it is very easy to use. So don't worry if your business is small, Shopify can give you an alluring online store to sell your goods.



Second on the list is Magneto, which is another fine platform for your e-commerce. It is not very handy for small businesses. It has many features such as customizing. The app can bother someone new to this field. It supports reports and analytics. Makes catalog and product browsing feasible with plenty of tools and site management features. Magneto is capable of taking your business to an international level. Overall Magneto gives your buyer an amazing shoppable experience.



BigCommerce is an online store provider. Packed with in-built HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. It offers two different platforms- ESSENTIALS AND ENTERPRISES.

They will help you establish your eCommerce store. They are much more organized and keeps your experience smooth. They have over 800 applications in their store which allows you to customize your store according to your requirements. BigCommerce gives you free access to create your site on WordPress accompanied by a full back-end platform. It also enables your store to be active in various channels. SEO-friendly URLs will surely help in getting more engagement.

WEBSITE - BigCommerce


Offering numerous services like CRM, multi-store management, promotions management, SEO Management, and Mobile access. They are best for small businesses as its budget-friendly. They don't have much to offer when it comes to themes and customization. It can really provide you with a site in bare seconds. It has a very small catalogs option apt for small and independent businesses.



An easy-to-customize online platform, WooCommerce is open-source for entrepreneurs. It provides around 300 extensions. You can run it along with your existing WordPress site. It provides numerous products which can be included in your store. As it is built with REST API, you can integrate it with any service virtually.



Volusion has served over eighteen thousand entrepreneurs. The best attribute of this platform is the responsive themes. The comprehensive site builder ensures that you are able to create a unique online store. It is best for selling physical items. The editing is very easy, and you can create a site in no time.

Your users can find and search for products very easily. It allows you to manage SEO. The built-in promotional tool is very useful as it displays your brand across all sites. Their state-of-the-art integration can help in the incrementation of your sales.



The point which makes Ecwid stand out is that it adds an online store to your existing website. You can sync your product across all websites, social media, and marketplaces. You can use it for free if the products are less than ten. For higher ranges, they have various prices. You have control over almost everything.



This enterprise-level e-commerce platform is used by over 500,000 stores. With the help of Miva, you can handle everything with just one site. The layer-editing allows you to keep your site updated and aligned with the new trends without even touching the code. It offers all the essentials to make your e-commerce a great success. Their team helps you with designs, build, migration and launch. It integrates accounting and marketing. Easy to use and will be very easily accessible.



This fully-featured online business platform was established in 2005. Since then it is providing one of the best platforms for e-commerce. It has many payment methods available. If you want to sell SaSS, then they are the ones you should go for. They provide a global platform, that enhances your chances of generating revenue. It eliminates any risk factor or complexity.



Simple yet effective platform, Sellfy allows you to sell different things all from one platform. They can provide you an online store in about 5 minutes. It offers you to use e-mail marketing, discount coupons, and many other features to grow your business. The layered menu and mega-menu drop-down abilities are just some plus points. The stores are mobile-friendly with a very smooth check-out encounter. You can also keep your present customers updated with new products.


Summary for Best eCommerce Platforms

Here were some of the best online e-commerce platforms, which can be vital to extend your business. Each of them has its capability which makes them different from others. These best platforms are very efficient and effective. SEO-friendly codes and layouts, reporting tools, e-mail marketing integration, etc are some powerful tools of these platforms. Knowing the best platform and their knacks are not enough. Understanding your project and the needs of your product is very essential. As before properly comprehending your goals and requirements, you will not be able to select the right platform for your product.

Undergo proper research and explore various ideas before taking any decision and choose the best in the business that can also meet your goals and requirements.

Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs PVT LTD which is a Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Custom Ecommerce Development Company. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

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