10 Best Online Tools for Bloggers

by Alex Well

Are you a blogger & searching the best online tools for bloggers? If yes, you reached the right place.

Blogs require, first of all, a passion for writing, but they also require a certain dedication. If "the blogging mosquito" bites you, there is no chance to going back. This means that you are always looking for exclusive, high quality and original content to publish; and what do you put into practice all the techniques, existing and to be, to expand your reader base. But don't forget that the success of a blog depends on much more than yours writing skills.

Once you create your blog, you will realize that even those who were born with a knack for blogging may need help with things like understanding how search engines work, or developing a unique nose for recognizing potential visual content. Fortunately, you can find a multitude of tools for bloggers online, and many are free! They are designed to help any type of writer, from the newest to the most professional. These tools will save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on shaping your next blog post perfectly.

The following list includes ten of the best online tools for bloggers to support you on your writing journey:

Best Online Tools For Bloggers
Best Online Tools For Bloggers

1. Write Optimized Content with Google Keyword Planner

Who better than Google to give us SEO advice? Google's Keyword Planner tool is excellent for defining your keywords based on what your readers are actually searching for on the web - it's about research rather than guessing. When you prepare to create a blog post, enter the topic in the keyword planner to get a detailed analysis of various combinations of words, its monthly search volume and the level of competition. With this data, you will write more optimized and specific blog articles, which will help you to achieve a better position in the search results.

2. Measure the Performance of Your Glog with Google Analytics

Working with good keywords and optimized titles is an important start, but in order to take full advantage of all the previous research and increase the performance of your posts, you will need to know if the work you have done is really having an impact. Use Google Analytics as one of the best online tools for bloggers to study which keywords bring you the most readers, which translate to longer visits to your blog, and which other sources bring you significant traffic. This is only a fraction of the data you will get in Google Analytics. See it as a valuable source of information that you can use to create better content that appeals to the most curious eyes.

3. Create a Super Blog with Wix

To be a blogger you need to have Start a blog. It sounds pretty obvious, but that's not the end of the equation. To be a great blogger, you need a powerful blogging platform that simplifies your content creation process. And that's exactly what Wix blog is about combining an intuitive and advanced text editor, comprehensive design tools, and incredible features for scheduling, submitting, and measuring post performance, this is the ideal platform to create the perfect blog.

Also, thanks to the large number of blog templates (free) available to choose from, no need to be a designer as well as a writer. In just a few minutes, you can have a fully operational blog, without being an SEO or programming expert. Simply customize the layout with adding your own images and videos, and you're ready to hit the 'publish' button.

4. Overcome Writer's Block with Hubspot's Idea Generator

All bloggers know that feeling of spending hours in front of the screen without completing just two lines. Publishing regularly is essential to maintaining a growing number of readers, but generating new article ideas is not always easy. The Hubspot Theme Builder is an excellent tool that will help you find multiple ideas that you can turn into amazing blog posts. Enter a few keywords to help narrow your search and Hubspot will take care of the rest. These features make it one of the best online tools for bloggers.

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5. Find Beautiful Photos on Pexels

Writing good texts is not the only thing it takes to have excellent content, images are just as important. Pexels is a wonderful source for finding professional images to use in your blog posts without worrying about copyright issues. Images on Pexels are available for personal and commercial use for free. And you can edit and modify them to optimize them for your goals

Photos from Pexels
Photos from Pexels

6. Improve Your Images with Fotor's Photo Editor

If you want to add a special touch to the images on your blog, use Fotor to edit your photos and give them a unique style. With Fotor, you can optimize your image measurements, add impressive effects and filters, enhance your photography work, or highlight your products. Use layers to add shapes, text or stickers to your images to make them more attractive. This photo editor offers endless options to beautify your images, and considered one of best online tools for bloggers.

7. Get Familiar with BuzzSumo

There is so much content available out there! It's not easy to stay on top of what's hot and hot so you can understand content trends and get an idea of ​​which blog posts will be successful. Buzzsumo is a website that will help you follow current content trends. Yes it is one of the best online tools for bloggers that offers information on content that is relevant to your interests and can guide you in creating better and more specific articles for your blog to attract your audience.

In addition to this, Buzzsumo helps you track the social performance of your articles, providing the exact number of times that your article has been shared on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest.

8. Use a Generator of Memes to Get More Shares

Getting more shares is the ultimate goal why we use the best online tools for bloggers. You know your content is succeeding when readers simply can't help but share it on their social media. A good way to make your posts more engaging and encourage readers to share them more is to create original memes and embed them into your content.

Use Create-Meme.com to generate witty, sarcastic, or ridiculous memes that will catch on with your readers. You can choose to create the meme yourself or use one of the existing memes created by the site's user base.


9. Transform Your Posts into Great Videos with Lumen5

If you want to embed rich content in your blog posts, Lumen5 is a great tool that you should try. Using artificial intelligence, Lumen5 takes your blog posts and turns them into beautiful videos. Then it gives you the ability to edit the video and optimize it according to your needs.

The result is a magnificent display of your publications that will have an excellent impact if you want to promote your blog through social networks. You can also embed the video in the same blog post, which will have a tremendous impact on SEO, as it will extend the average time your visitors spend on the page.

10. Create Viral GIFs with GIF Maker

GIFs are to web content what salt is to food. Using these animated images in your blog articles is a great way to spice up and diversify your content. Additionally, this fun format has time and again proven to have a high potential for virality, as they say a lot with very little.

People love to use and share them, which makes them very valuable for your blog. Creating a GIF is really simple, especially with tools like Giphy's GIF Maker, which allows editing both from files (image and video), as well as from online video players like YouTube. Once they are created, you can easily add them to your blog posts.

We know that options are endless when it comes to choose the best online tools for bloggers but we tried to bring the best 10 to make you start you blog with a finest selection of tools you need!

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