Uber for Doctors: Steps for Developing Uber for Doctors App

by Alex Well

Today we are discussing the steps you must consider to develop Uber for doctors app.

In the olden days, doctor visits were direct, and people faced the trouble of standing in queues. Some had to travel long distances to reach due to the unavailability of medical facilities in their locality. These days, the medical field has expanded and is made available everywhere. Importantly, with the advent of the internet and digitization globally, almost all facilities are made available through digital platforms.

Tele-medicine has expanded over the years. It offers the convenience of not traveling long distances, standing in distressing queues, and exerting energy and money. Their prevalence is now increasing, and people are adapting to the technology of virtual face-to-face meetings with doctors.

Developing Uber For Doctors App
Developing Uber For Doctors App

Impact of Medical Apps like Uber for Doctors

Pre-pandemic, the need for doctors was met with direct consultations and sometimes virtually through telemedical apps like Uber for doctors. Since the takeover of the global pandemic, people have switched to the internet to obtain many services and consumption of products. That being said, telemedical apps' usage has shot up substantially. People who preferred traditional doctor visits switched to telemedicine.

Apart from the safety purpose concerning the global issue, it offers the patients the convenience of not visiting the hospitals and staying at home. Patients can get themselves treated at home and book appointments from the app, and see the doctors. Patients may pay doctor fees through the app's secured payment gateway.

Uber for Doctors App Features

  • Account set-up- Create an account with email, mobile number, or social media
  • Accept/ Reject appointments- Accept or reject patient's request for an appointment with respect to availability
  • Book appointments- Appointments be booked as per the patient's convenience and availability at any time slot.
  • Email alerts- Receive reminders and other alerts through email.
  • Convenient payment methods- Multiple payment options as credit and debit cards, e-wallet, net banking, etc.
  • Push notifications- Receive reminders, appointment confirmations, rejections, changes in schedule, and other alerts.
  • In-app navigation- Navigate through different screens smoothly without any glitches or crashes.
  • Loyalty programs- Subscribe to articles or any exclusive content, receive loyalty points and discounts on the subsequent doctor visits, etc.
  • Activity status- Show the last activity timing on the app; show whether offline or online at any given time.

Benefits of Uber for Doctors

  • Since doctors for most ailments require consultation only through the telemedical app, the patient need not travel and exhaust. It saves a lot of physical energy, as sometimes the hospital or clinic will have to be covered at a long distance.
  • It saves money as there is no traveling required. Patients can pay the doctor fees through the payment gateway, which offers multiple payment options.
  • It is the most convenient option as there is no exposure to the outdoors. With the current situation of Covid, it is best to stay indoors.

Key Elements to Inculcate While Developing Uber for Doctors App

  • Fix a budget to carry on your business. The budget should map out your goals. The goals and the funding should be short-term and long-term. The budget and goals should complement each other.
  • There should be a consistent flow of capital and no hindrance in sourcing. App owners should do sourcing from a genuine and reliable source as the capital has a grip over the business.
  • Look for the features in competitor's apps, their blueprint of the business, their work, etc. Every company has its weak function. Find the methods to turn them to your strength and drive more traffic once the app launches.
  • Search beyond the target market for business model inspirations. Some aspects far from the target region will attract the app users more.
  • To know the tastes of consumers, conduct thorough market research from reliable information sources such as journals and newspapers of the target regions. Polls can be conducted in a broad range to get the statistics of people's preferences and make decisions accordingly.
  • Set your niche and bring a fundamental aspect into your app. The element should define your app wholly and distinguish it from other business concerns and make you stand out.
  • Develop the app with the assistance of an expert developer. Add only the necessary features to the app to avoid evitable expenditure. Before making choices regarding choosing the app features, seek the developer's advice and make choices accordingly.
  • Test the app and make a checklist for ensuring the features and functionality are intact. Any glitches can be corrected, and the features are implemented impeccably.
  • Launch the app after ensuring the app design and function is perfect in the platforms you desire to launch.

How does the Uber for Doctors App Function?

  • The patient opens the app. In the search bar, they look for a doctor with a specific specialization in a location.
  • As the results get generated, the patient goes through the list of doctors and books an appointment with their chosen doctor
  • The doctor receives a notification regarding the request for consultation at a particular time and day.
  • The doctor accepts or rejects the request according to their availability, and the patient receives notification regarding the same.

Earnings through Uber for Doctors Clone App Development

  • Doctor's commission fees

Fees to be charged after every successful completion of consultation with patients.

  • Doctor registration fees

Doctors may be charged for onboarding the app.

  • Patient's commission fees

App owners can charge patients after every successful doctor visit.

  • Premium listing

Doctors can get featured and be recommended to patients by charging a premium amount.

  • Advertisements

In-app advertisements as banner or image ads, and skippable and unskippable video ads.

Launch Uber for doctors app and avail rewards post-launch for its brilliant performance. The cost of app development depends on various factors such as customization costs, app packages, development for either or both Android or iOS platforms, app testing charges, developer's experience, brand name, and location. Uber for doctors app development involves the cultivation of innovative business ideas and the power of technological advancements. Keeping up with app updates and new ideas will surmount profits.

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