The Indian festival of colors Holi goes “live” in less than a month now. As the myriad hues of reds, greens, blues and yellows await to officially mark the transition from winter to spring, how would you like the idea of an eco-friendly Holi for 2020?

By eco-friendly, we mean homemade DIY colors, free of chemicals and cheap.

Most of the ingredients are available on your kitchen shelf. All you need to do is mix and match. So, why not make this Holi irritation, allergy and dry skin-free?

We have compiled the best tips on how to make natural Holi colors at home without compromising on the budget.

1. For Passionate Red

How to make red herbal colour for Holi
  • Dry the petals of red roses or red hibiscus in the sun till they become crisp. Grind the dried petals until they turn powdery. If you do not find it thick enough, mix a little flour for better volume.
  • Beetroots are also great alternatives. Grind them in a mixture and let them dry in the sun. For wet red, simply boil a few pieces of beetroot, and you have the color ready. Allow it to cool though.
  • You can also use red sandalwood powder. It is safe for children and works wonder for the skin.

2. For Ambitious Green

How to make yellow natural color for Holi
  • Take equal quantities of henna powder and flour. Mix them evenly to have your homemade green Holi color ready. Here’s a reminder. Make sure your heena powder has no other ingredients (like amla) in it, otherwise, it will leave a brown color on the skin.
  • If you aren’t too sure about the henna powder idea, you can switch to coriander leaves, spinach or mint leaves.
  • Boil fresh neem leaves in water for your DIY wet green color solution.

3. For Optimist Yellow

How to make eco-friendly yellow color on this Holi
  • In a bowl, take two parts turmeric powder and four parts besan flour. Mix them, and your yellow color is good to go. Note: This one offers surprising therapeutic abilities and wards off skin diseases.
  • Mix 100gm Haldi, 200gm groundnut powder, 50gm marigold flowers (sundried and finely powdered), 20gm orange peel powder (finely powdered) and a few drops of 20 drops essential oil for the perfect natural yellow.

4. For Dependable Blue

make blue organic holi colour
  • Sun-dry Neeli Gulmohar flower and powder it for the perfect blue. It normally blooms around summer.
  • If you are looking for the deep blue tinge, alternatively ground and crush Jacaranda flowers or blue hibiscus. They never disappoint.
  • For DIY homemade wet blue color, crush blueberries and boil them in water.

5. For Playful Pink

How to make chemicals free Pink natural colour on Holi Festival
  • Slice thin pieces of beetroot, soak them overnight and boil the mixture. If you are looking for a lighter pinkish shade, use red onions in the mixture.

6. For Earthy Brown

The method of making natural brown color.
  • Place equal parts of tea and coffee powder and bring the mixture to boil. Transfer the mixture in a muslin cloth and tie it up. Later, dip it a few more times in hot water or until you get the desired color consistency.

7. For Mysterious Black

Way to make black natural face color for this holi.
  • Mix the above red, green, blue, brown color to get a dark brown or near black consistency.
  • For a wet black color, boil dried gooseberry (amla) and leave it overnight in an iron vessel. Strain the black liquid in the morning.
  • Alternatively, you can also mix black grape juice in a generous quantity of water.

Well, these colors should be enough to enjoy a safe Holi. Happy Coloring!


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