Jailbreak Monitoring App for iPhone

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iPhone devices are considered as the elite of smartphones and people always waiting for the launching of the latest IoS smartphones to have fun with the latest features. Young kids and teens are also having showed their interest to have their individual iPhone devices.

Over the few years, the young generation has found using the smartphones running with the IoS operating systems and they used it connected to cyberspace to use the back and front camera for videos and photos and then share it to the instant messengers and use it all day long.

They make phone calls, text messages, save contacts, send and receive Voice mail, chat conversations, and many other activities of the trendy social media apps such as WhatsApp, Kik, and plenty of others alike.

These social media apps enable teens and kids to save contacts and also use internet browsers. They perform these kinds of activities on their iPhone devices connected to the internet and make sure to use it secretly without getting it in the notice of their parents.

Therefore, when parents see their kids and teens using iPhone devices all day long they become curious and want to know that what they are doing on it and to whom they make calls and send and receive text messages, social media chat conversations and they really want to monitor the target iPhones device due to some odd reasons such as parenting point of view.

Therefore, today in this particular post, we will guide you on how you can monitor iPhone device using the jailbreak monitoring app and the installation of any software on your kids and teens iPhone device. It will guarantee you to impose spy on iPhone secret activities and you will be able to make sure your child is safe.

Jailbreak Monitoring App For IPhone
Jailbreak Monitoring App For IPhone

What Jailbreak Monitoring App For iPhone Does?

jailbreak monitoring app will provide you a perfect and state-of-the-art solution for all types of IOS devices that enable users to impose monitoring on the target IOS devices without using the unsafe jailbreak solution. All you need to do is to get the iCloud credentials of kids and teens to jailbreak iPhone. However, a user's physical access to the target iPhone is necessary in case iCloud backup is not activated on kids' and teen's iPhone devices.

How Can You Get A Jailbreak Monitoring App For iPhone?

There are three simple steps that you need to take to impose monitoring on a kid's iPhone using non or jailbreak monitoring app solution.

Step 1: Get a jailbreak monitoring app subscription

First and foremost you have to subscribe for non or jailbreak solution for iPhone powered by official website and further you need to get access to the online control panel by using the credentials you have got via email at the time of subscription and you will find a window where you need to login iCloud credentials of your target iPhone device.

Procure iCloud credentials of your kid's iPhone

All you need to have the passcode and ID of the non or jailbreak IOS device iCloud and then use these credentials to the iCloud login of the non or jailbreak monitoring software for iPhone. At the same time, you should have physical access if the iCloud backup is not activated on the target iPhone.

Impose monitoring on target iPhone with jailbreak tracking app for iPhone

The moment you have got the subscription and then get the non or jailbreak solution for IOS devices, use the iCloud credentials and you will have iPhone non or jailbreak surveillance solution features. Furthermore, you just need to tap on the individual features and it will provide you child device within 24 hours. After every passing 24 hours of the day, you can refresh it and get the new data of the activities to happen on the target device.

Jailbreak iPhone Monitoring App for iPhone Features

Internet History -safari

Get all the visited URLs on the target iPhone using Safari internet browser along with the count of how many times a particular URL has been used on it by the children.

Bookmark -safari

View bookmark websites on safari internet browser using the jailbreak iPhone and view it with non and jailbreak tracking apps for iPhone.


Monitor all the saved contacts in the iPhone device contact book with first and last name and along with email address if existed.


You can monitor all the alarms fixed on the target iPhone device such as wake-up alarms and others.

Calendar Events

You can come to know activities fixed on the calendar in terms of events, descriptions, reminders, birthday reminders arranged by the kids on their iPhone.

Permissions -Hardware /Apps permissions granted to apps like camera permission

Monitor installed apps on the target iPhone that demand access to the camera and phone gallery.


Sent and received Voicemails on the iPhone of your kids such as instant messaging apps Voicemails and others

Paired Devices -Bluetooth paired devices

You can monitor the names of the connected Bluetooth devices on the target phone such as wireless headphones, iPhones to iPhone pairing via Bluetooth.

Internet usage - internet usage time bypass

The apps that are connected to the internet on the target jailbreak iPhone

SMS -Chat -Chat List

You can monitor all the data of the complete SMS -chat list on the target IOS device

SMS -Messages

Get entire information of SMS -Messages sent or received on the iPhone device


The user can get the complete call logs either incoming and outgoing of the target iPhone gadget with the location, in case the location has been activated


You can view all stored notes on the target IOS device of your kids

WhatsApp -Contacts

You can get your hands on a complete WhatsApp address book on an IOS device

WhatsApp -Chat

The complete WhatsApp chat list and you can get all chats on the target IOS device messenger

WhatsApp -Groups

You can get info of the complete WhatsApp groups that your kids have added to the WhatsApp social media app


The non or jailbreak monitoring app for iPhone is the best tool that you don't need to install on the target iPhone device and use target device iCloud credentials on it and impose monitoring on kid's IOS devices and get the complete list of the activities and stay updated.

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