Grand Pushkar Mela 2021 Dates [Cattle, Camel Fair Updates]

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Pushkar, a serene city situated to the northwest of Ajmer in Rajasthan hosts this amazing livestock fair every year around Kartik Poornima, popularly known as the Pushkar mela. It has become a golden, indispensable part of Pushkar’s history where people from all around the world come together to trade camels, sheep and cattle amidst pomp and grandeur. 

This massive congregation of the Pushkar fair has grown over the years and it has now also become a festival celebrating the legacy of architectural heritage and culture of Rajasthan. 

As a tourist favorite, the beautiful Pushkar is nested at a height of 510 meters and is bordered by hillocks on three sides.

Top 5 Things To Do In Pushkar Mela in 2021

Visiting the Pushkar Mela should be on everyone’s bucket list, but if you haven’t given it a thought, here’s five things to do in Pushkar Mela that will definitely make you feel like making the tour.

1. Take a tour of the Pushkar skies on a hot air balloon.

The feeling of watching crowds growing small as you float higher in the sky is truly incredible and instagram worthy. Pushkar is one of the few places in India where a hot-air balloon ride is easily accessible. And its awesomeness multiplies tenfold during the Pushkar Mela. 

2. Witness in person, the century-old camel trading.

Cattle trading is an historical practice that brings together various communities and gives them a source of earning. Around the Pushkar lake, hundreds of thousands of camels and cattle owners gather to exchange their livestock every year. People gather to live the tremendous energy of people at the Pushkar trading fair. 

3. Experience the serene holy dip.

Located at the edge of the Thar Desert, the Pushkar lake is home to 52 bathing ghats. Especially around Kartik Poornima, pilgrims in large quantities throng here to take a sacred dip that is believed to cure skin diseases and cleanse bad karma. Mythically, it was on the day of the Kartika full moon, God Brahma sprung up at Pushkar Lake and 330 million gods and goddesses came to bathe in it. Commemorating, people come here to wash their sins away. 

4. Visit the ancient Hindu temples as the city transforms mystical.

Pushkar is home to numerous attractions. Some of the popular ones include Singh Sabha Gurudwara, Pushkar Lake, Brahma temple (the only temple in the world dedicated to the Hindu deity, Brahma), and Varaha temple. There are more than 500 temples in the vicinity of the city. No wonder, the city is identified as ‘Tirtha Raj’, king of all pilgrimage sites by many. Also, watching the evening Arti is a surreal experience.

5. Dine in with the taste of real Rajasthan.

The most cherished discovery of authenticity and flavor is the Dal Bhati Churma, that you can not give a miss. This traditional and ancient regional Rajashthani cuisine is a three-in-one delicacy where you get to devor a platter of sweet Churma, spicy Dal and Baati.

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Experience The Infamous Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel Fair 2020

The Pushkar mela is also known as the Pushkar Camel Fair. It is a blend of unique celebration of the ship of the desert “camel” and other cattles. 

The Pushkar camel fair was originally organized during the holy Kartik Purnima to attract local camels and cattle traders to do business. But the fair gradually blew out of proportion and today attracts tourists around the world.

For foreigners the best way to visit the fair is to go with an organized tour party. Tour groups get special rates at hotels and attractions in the city. If you book a hotel on your own, you might be shocked at the lodging’s inflated prices ideally located near the fairgrounds. But then, there are also some budget locations, if you don’t need something expensive.

Rajasthani Pushkar Fair Start and End Dates – 2021

The Rajasthani Pushkar fair 2021 will begin on Thursday, 11 November and end on Friday, 19 November 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Grand Pushkar Mela

1. Where is the Pushkar Camel festival held?

Answer: The Pushkar Mela or the Pushkar Fair is held in the holy city of Pushkar, Rajasthan.

2. How far is Ajmer Dargah Sharif from Pushkar?

Answer: The Ajmer Sharif or Khawaja Gharibnawaz Dargah Ajmer is among the holiest Muslim shrines in India. The pilgrimage is dedicated to Moinuddin Chishti. It is approximately situated 20 kms from Pushkar.

3. What are the Pushkar Mela 2021 dates?

Answer: The Pushkar fair 2021 will begin on Thursday, 11 November 2021 and end on Friday, 19 November 2021. You can visit the Pushkar fair official website for more information.

4. What kind of competitions are held during the Pushkar fair?

Answer: The Pushkar mela organizes a unique blend of competition like the most gorgeous bride and groom, camels, cattles and moustaches.

5. For how many days does the Pushkar fair last?

Answer: The Pushkar festival lasts for 8 to 10 days, during which time, you can plan your visit and be a part of this symbolic culture. Do not be just limited to the fairground and do not miss the iconic sun setting on the Pushkar.


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