7 Reasons to Buy Art Online

by Alex Well

Interested to know the reasons to buy art online? We are discussing the same topic today. It is no secret that most consumers have been focusing on online shopping in recent years. In fact, customers are not even relying on their computers or laptops - a bigger fraction of online deals are done through smartphones and tablets.

Of course, not all types of shopping can be taken online - for example, buying furniture is not a great idea since you will be unable to check out the materials, build quality, etc., in person.

However, there are some things that are great to buy online - believe it or not, art is one of them. Regardless if we are talking about paintings, sculptures, or other art, there are plenty of reasons to take your shopping online.

Reasons To Buy Art Online
Reasons To Buy Art Online

Browse the Richest Galleries

Unless you are looking for a very particular piece of art near you, then online shopping is guaranteed to expose you to much more potential purchases. Online art galleries may have millions of products to browse, and you may end up liking a piece made by some obscure artist located thousands of kilometers away from you.

Despite the vast size of online art galleries, you will be able to target the exact type of art you are looking to buy by using the search customization options.

Better Support for Artists

If you have not tried to sell art, then you may be unaware of the major commission fees that typical galleries tend to take from artists. Often, galleries take a major percentage of the final price, leaving the art's creator with just 40-50% of the profits. While online art galleries also take commissions, they are much more favorable towards the artists. It is common for artists to end up taking 65-70% of the sum, compared to the 40-50% they would get if you purchase from your local art gallery/expo.

Work with Professional Advisors

Plenty of online galleries co-operate with advisors and curators who will help you find the exact type of art you need. Real-life services of this sort may cost vast amounts of money, but these tend to be much cheaper when talking about online art galleries. You can get offers for dozens of hand-picked art pieces, which suit your taste, needs, and budget perfectly.

Discover More Artists

Regardless of your experience in the field of art, you can rest assured that there is always new artists to discover. Online art galleries make this much easier - not only do you get access to hundreds of thousands of offers, but you can also learn a lot about the artists behind the projects. For example, plenty of major online art retailers tend to produce content with their up-and-coming artists like William Eggleston photos - interviews, reviews, and more.

Negotiable Prices

One of the major advantages of shopping for art online is that the price is not always set in stone. In fact, many art galleries allow customers to make a custom offer for specific pieces of art. Of course, in the end, it is up to the artist to determine whether to accept or not. The best part is that you, as a customer, do not deal with anything - you just make the offer, and the artist and the gallery's administrators will deal with the rest.

Follow Your Favorite Creators

Another great advantage of shopping for art online is that you can follow your favorite creators on the platform you work with. This will make you one of the first people to know about their most recent creations, offers, or projects. Last but not least, this may also help you snatch some exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Make Use of Discounts and Vouchers

It is not a secret that online shoppers often get to use various vouchers and discounts, which apply for specific periods or for a set period of time. Online art shops are not an exception, and being a regular user there, is likely to grant you access to some great discounts. Even a 10-15% discount may help you save hundreds of dollars, depending on the type of purchase you are looking to make.

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