Talk Tale on a Visit to Sivasagar: A Travelogue

Visit to Sivasagar

Sivasagar, the historical capital of Assam has always been one of the most advertised places to visit by the tourist board in Assam. This classic town has many unique features added to it that makes it a very interesting visit. Though, does not take up much space in the map, it is rich with monuments and you cannot literally go a single step without bumping into attractions at short intervals. 

The very first thing that caught my eye on my visit to Sivasagar was its architecture. Perhaps, if you have travelled across Rajasthan, it could seem less unique. However, being a beat-up traveler, I was pretty astounded by its beauty. The town simply breathes with antiquity, accuracy and is very beautifully planned. Walking on the streets will give you an idea of how the 16th century under the Ahom Dynasty like that happened to rule the state till sometime before British invasion. 

I had my first impressive encounter with Talatal Ghar immediately after my arrival in the morning while searching for a hotel to check in. It is 14 kilometers eastward from this Assam tourist place. Fortunately, the weather was bright and clear and I could reach out to my inner child as I crawled through arches and climbed the rooftops of the monument. The archaeologist within me did not permit me to leave the place but I had to. As I was a mere traveler and the day had just started.

Rang Ghar or Pleasure Dome

At a short walking distance from Talatal Ghar, I bumped into Rang Ghar, also known as the ‘pleasure dome’ of the former Ahom kings. It is a small structure but the restoration and maintenance was fabulous. Surrounded by a beautiful garden, this monument rated as one of the prettiest buildings in India is definitely worth a visit. It houses Asia’s largest amphitheatre. This place looks far more magnificent through the lenses. As I walked out of Rang Ghar as an awestruck tourist in Assam, batteries in my camera asked me to get back to my hotel room. I took a small nap of about an hour, had my lunch and geared up for my next destination.

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old bridge to take pedestrian over the water

On my way to the main town, there was an old bridge to take pedestrians over the water. I was pretty fascinated by its construction. As I reached the center of the town, the large Sivadol temple seemed to welcome me with its tranquil atmosphere. Considered as the highest Hindu temple in India, it proudly nested on a small hill with a large ceremonial bathing pool nearby. It is an excellent example of the local architecture from which I could carry back home wonderful captures to cherish for lifetime.

Apart from architecture, what caught my attention were extremely polite and affable localites. Even individuals whose first language was not Assamese were very friendly and I was comfortable to count on them. They tried to answer my questions with hand gestures, loud articulation and laughter. Plus the local food served had the most delicious and unique taste. Of all the local cuisines I could taste, the fish curry has no matches. The town is friendly and relaxing with plenty of lakes to sit by and enjoy the sunset which I did as the evening approached. 

As for transportation, Sivasagar has no train station. I took a bus from Jorhat that dropped just near Talatal Ghar. I then invaded the whole town by renting a local taxi. Sadly as the day ended I had to return to my hotel and wrap up my trip. 

Hope to come back to this perfect recreational center – one of the best places to visit in Assam some time very soon!!!

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Best Time to Visit Assam

  • April to June in Summer: 32-38 degrees
  • July to September in Monsoon: 26-32 degrees
  • October to March in Winter: 8-20 degrees


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