8 Ways to Boost Your Personal Care Game on a Shoestring Budget

boost your personal care
boost your personal care

Want to boost your personal care? Personal care talks revolve around luxurious spa treatments, massage therapy, fancy salon visits for manicure pedicures. But a niche segment of customers is covered in such premium category services.

Not all can afford expensive personal care services every day. Not to worry if you don’t fall under those high-end customer groups who never mind spending extra money for self-care.

This content will guide you to tackle your budget limits with no cost or low-cost personal care advice that anyone can follow. Did you skip the self-care routine just because of a tight budget? Now no need to give any accusations of money in terms of personal care. Here is the perfect guidance to cut down your spending on yourself and still manage to nurture your body wellness. 

Different Ways to Boost Your Personal Care 

Check out in what ways you can self-help your body and stay healthier and happier. 

Try Out DIY Hacks

DIY tactics act as a helping hand in cutting down the significant cost of personal care. In the internet-friendly era, there is no quest for what and how to start with DIY. One can easily find the best way from Pinterest or Youtube within a few seconds. Manicure, pedicure, nail art, or even haircut can be done on your own by following proper tutorials. 

Use Affordable Skincare Products

Most people carry a wrong notion for skincare that using expensive products can only give effective results. Maybe they never understood the workings of the skincare routine. Whichever product with whatsoever price, if it’s suitable to your skin, it’ll give results, regardless of low cost or expensive product. A consistent routine of cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection can maintain a perfect balance of skin pH levels.

Using organic methods like raw milk for cleansing, rose water for toning, green tea face masks for sun protection, etc., has been powerful for beauty hacks since ancient times. You must have heard your grandparents asking you to follow natural ways to lower the risk factor on the skin. A no-cost solution for face beauty is possible with all-natural ingredients available at home. 

Also, pampering your skin with skincare tools allows you to treat your skin at home and saves you from expensive surgical treatments at clinics. Beauty devices are costly, but it covers the results of heavy treatments that would charge a big amount. Demand for skin tightening machines for home use is continuously rising as it’s more convenient and comfortable for the rejuvenation of the skin. Consult a dermatologist before using any skincare device or product for betterment as different skin types have different skin reactions.

Prioritize Your Workout Schedule

Your body needs movement. Fitness workouts are also a part of personal care. Being lazy and searching for excuses for avoiding workouts will not help you in any way. It’s better to start working on fitness before you get it in the doctor’s prescription. Buying a gym membership may not be affordable for each of us regularly, like gym fixing your time and working on it at home every day would be effective.

Start with your favorite workout. You can do cycling or swimming, all you need to do is burn some serious calories. Youtube channels of fitness workouts have free access to videos; check out the videos and find the style of workout you enjoy the most and 

continue the same for the long term. 

Learn to Say No Gracefully

Saying no has always been a struggle, whether in context to people or ordinary things like social media. The practice of saying no is a radical form of self-care. You must be mature enough to say no to extra work, which will lessen your work stress. The other thing to avoid is too much scrolling on social media.

The mental health report has depicted the increase in mental issues in times of global epidemic. Social media spreading misinformation of covid 19 would adversely affect people. By the end of the day, checking social media posts every 5- 10 minutes ruins the mental state of mind. So, limit your usage and set reminders to stop using Instagram, Snapchat, etc., would buy you time for other productive works.

Make Quick Changes At Your Place 

The best idea to refresh your mood is to make a quick switch of things at your place for the sake of change. Living in a place seeing everything at the same all-time can create boredom. You’ll enjoy making frequent changes and shifting items from one room to another. Minor changes in life can make your mind pleasant and ensure the comforts of living a happy lifestyle.    

Dump Your Thoughts in a Diary 

The practice of journaling will lead you to pursue stability of mind. Jotting down the deepest feelings on paper would do the work of a therapist. You are your therapist. Once you start brain dumping, you’ll start improving your perspective and perceive your day-to-day goals.

End of the day, venting out how you felt, how you cope up with the day will improve your following day. Maintaining a diary gives shape to your thoughts and gives you a chance to think over your thoughts, which relieves you from the significant stress of the day. Please write down the things you were grateful for; you’ll never know when and did it build an attitude of observing gratitude in you. 

Build a Habit of Meditation 

You may find it tough to find quality time from a hectic schedule for meditation, as personal care is often taken for granted by most people. Our surroundings affect our mental health status. In covid 19 pandemic mental health issues have increased worldwide. A habit of daily meditation would save you from panic attacks. You can easily download any meditation app for setting up a mood and environment for meditation. 

Follow Your Hobbies for Mindfulness

What do you love the most? What do you do when you have some extra time? Saving out some time in your day or week to only for that interest is another type of self-care. Possibly you have cooking, maybe sewing or creating or painting. Setting aside some effort to do things of your interest would lead you to mindfulness.  


Check that you take your personal growth as taken for granted and consider all the points mentioned above to boost your personal care. At one point in time, you’ll require to give time to yourself, if not today, then tomorrow. Better not to wait for a time when we get exhausted from a chaotic lifestyle and compel ourselves to work on self-growth.

Riddhi Ganatra is an online marketing consultant and outreach expert who loves to write and review fashion and beauty products. She spent more than three years as a content creator covering topics like online marketing, technology, motherhood, lifestyle, beauty, and more.