Why Vue Js Platform is So Popular Nowadays

by Alex Well

Vue.JS introduces several advantages. It introduces well and it's quite easy to learn indeed. Here, you need to keep in mind that how to pick the right tool for the job. One framework may probably work better in comparison to the other based on the project requirements and personal preference.

Vue JS is collaborating with Weex known for being a platform to build cross-platform mobile apps. And this thing is supposed to go in favor of web development. It is worthy to campaign Vue.js with different frameworks. Here, we are going to mention some of the popular reasons which make Vue JS quite popular. Let's check it out & choose a better Vue.Js development company.

Vue Js Platform
Vue Js Platform

Good Documentation

When it comes to excellent factors of Vue Js, the importance is good documentation. We all know how good documentation is important to get happen. Yes, its documentation is just outstanding when it comes to important factors. It is indeed true Vue.js documentation is quite well maintained. It plays a major role in simple but comprehensive guides as well documented APIs.

And Well-Defined Ecosystem

Yes, it is quite important to mention that Vue's defined ecosystem is a massive benefit since it plays a major role to develop to choose an ideal solution to a particular problem efficiently. They would not have to spend hours on figuring the best one. Moreover, Vue makes it possible to choose the required building blocks.

Vue is also known for emphasizing the view layer but with the help of Vuex, Vue Test Utils, Vue Router, and Vue CLI; it also imparts recommended solutions to common issues. Therefore, again, boosts development speed as well as unifies it all around the different projects.

Learning Curve

When it comes to picking a new framework, the learning curve is an important thing to involve. Vue's concepts and APIs are regarded as quite simple and easy to understand. Moreover, this is built on top of classic web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JAVAScript, and so on.

The results are introduced in way much gentler learning curve. Here, it needs to mention that it is different from another framework which needs more information and knowledge on different types of technologies Angular such as TypeScript, React goes with JSX with Vue. They can build a sophisticated app by using HTML-oriented templates, plain CSS, JavaScript.

Well, developers would not deny at all that Vue is regarded being one of the easiest frameworks to learn and master. It is time to get started, and you just require to have a few lines of JavaScript following a hint of HTML. One big benefit of Vue's accessibility is that it makes figuring out competent developers and building a fantastic development team quite easier. To put it in simple words, it is all about consequently; recruiting Vue experts is quite less expensive.

Less Opinionated, More Flexible

Yes, it is indeed important that it is less opinionated and quite flexible. Vue is indeed quite flexible in comparison to other popular web frameworks. Talking about the core library emphasize the "view" part, paying attention to a modular approach that makes it possible for you to pick your solutions regarding other issues.

We can truly use different libraries for things such as state management and routing, Vue introduces officially supported companion libraries, which makes it possible for us to keep up to date following the core library.

It includes Vuex, it is an Elm, Flux, and Redux which is indeed quite powerful as well as incredibly easy to use going with Vue.js. But because Vue is quite flexible in case you want to go with Redux instead of Vuex, you may easily do that. Vue is quite good at supporting JSZ and Typescript. And if you like taking a CSS-in-JS approach then the best thing is that many other popular libraries also support Vue.


No framework can succeed without community support and most of us do agree with this thought. Vue has truly a quite active as well as a constantly growing community. The framework is quite already adopted by several big companies. The best thing is that its growth is only going to continue.


And performance is the best thing to go ahead indeed. Vue is indeed excellent because of its performance which makes it worthy to get popular at the forefront. It is small and even along with minima optimization efforts to perform incredibly better in comparison to many other and different frameworks.

It is largely because of its lightweight virtual DOM implementation. You must go ahead to check out the JavaScript framework's performance benchmark in the context of a useful performance-oriented comparison.


Do you know that Vue also introduces good tools? Yes, it is indeed true that it goes along with several companion libraries and excellent development experience. Vue-CLI is Vue's command-line tool. It is quite simple but incredibly powerful. It makes it possible to impart a variety of templates and it also allows a variety of project customization.

It is indeed made it possible to start a new Vue project quite easily and simply. Vue also provides dev tools for Chrome which makes it possible for you to inspect the component tree as well as Vuex State, view events as well as even time travel. It makes possible the debugging process indeed quite easy.

Vue also supports quite hot reloads. Hot Reload is indeed great because instead of needing to reload an entire whole page. It makes it possible for you to simply reload only the highly updated component while maintaining the app's current state indeed.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, Vue is known for making development quite smooth as well as easy. It is indeed quite a gentle learning curve which makes it go to have an ideal factor. Vue is also quite lightweight, module, and flexible which makes it high in performance. Vue is known for getting surrounded by incredible tools as well as efficient state management and routing options.

The framework introduces incredible development speed thanks to a wealth of ready-to-use plugins which solve critical issues in every application to make it quick and cost-effective product development.

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