10 Best Money Saving Apps to Save A Lot

by Alex Well

We can all accept that saving money is a smart idea while it can often feel like a challenging job. The advances made by smartphones and mobile apps make saving money simpler and less daunting.

If you want to save money then this article is for you. We evaluated 10 of the best money-saving apps in the market so we can offer you the best list.

So, here they are.

Best Money Saving Apps
Best Money Saving Apps

1. Acorns

Acorns is an app that lets you save money for retirement or other long-term goals by using your leftover earnings. Here's how the app work:

  • You begin by linking your credit card and checking account to your Acorns app. Acorns rounds the transaction down to the next dollar for every purchase you make.
  • The rounded up amount will then be invested in your chosen Acorns account. With Acorns you can open a pension account or a non-retirement account.
  • Acorns has a broad range of investment portfolios, including conservative and aggressive. Fees vary from $1 to $3 a month, depending on what package you want.

2. Mint

A free financial planning app driven by Intuit, where you can manage your finances seamlessly in one location. This app allows you to create budgets easily and provides suggestions for your spending patterns.

You can also monitor your bills and set alerts before they happen to discourage spending on grubbing up money like overdrafts. And you can keep on top of your credit while getting tips on how to boost it with their free credit score test. Its great to save on a strict budget.

With the app, you can sign in and synchronize your bank account instantly.

3. BillTracker

Never miss yet another bill payment with this brilliant SnapTap app. Passcode-protected BillTracker enables you to keep all deadlines and total amounts in one place and even notify you of upcoming payments. Due dates are outlined for quick views in the calendar.

4. Shopkick

More than six million people already use Shopkick to browse products, find inspiration and discover excellent discounts in stores such as Target, Macy's, Best Buy, and much more. By making purchases, inviting friends to participate, and even just walking into the shops, users will gain points. And at participating stores, the points can be turned into gift cards. The icing on the cake is the sleek new layout-the vision of a shopper!

5. Digit

A saving software that assesses your spending and saves the right amount automatically every day so you don't even have to worry about it.

You say the app what your saving goals are, and use its algorithms for machine learning to evaluate your spending patterns. The app then utilizes that data to make informed about smart savings. It's always nice to save on holiday cash.

Then Digit saves your money in a bank insured by FDIC which means it's covered up to $250,000.

The first 30 days of the Digit app are free, then just $2.99 / month after a period of the initial trial.

6. Qapital

A banking app specializing in letting you set automated money-saving restrictions. You could, for example, set rules to round up and roll over all the extra changes into a savings account. Or even transferring lump sums at preset intervals. Great to save on a car's money.

The app also enables you to track your progress towards your financial goals, and includes your own personal debit card.

It takes around 2 business days to withdraw money from the app.

7. Grocery iQ

Stay organized with this incredibly detailed shopping list platform and avoid impulse purchases. Not just by searching through the millions of products in the app's database, you can build grocery lists, but you can also use voice recognition or barcode scanning.

Grocery iQ also features a store locator, and provides coupons. This app is a need to-have for busy families or anyone who tries to keep control of their food budget.

8. SavingStar

SavingStar is a virtual coupon app that is tied to your individual store loyalty cards for thousands of grocery stores and drugstores. (Yes, you must have loyalty cards to receive rewards.)

You pick the discount wallets you want to use and the incentive is added to your loyalty card, and you receive cash when you hit $5 in savings! You can also choose to go to contributions for the charity American Forests for your cash savings.

9. LivingSocial

You can use this app to access all of LivingSocial 's deals handheld. Look for amazing discounts in your city and get alerts about fun events in your area. Save on hotels , restaurants, etc. The discounts are good for gifts, too.

An additional bonus: if you share a discount that you received on your social media accounts and three of your friends buy the same deal, you'll get yours free!

10. Trim

Trim is an automated app that acts as a personal assistant to financial matters. It works by connecting to your accounts, by analyzing your expenses and by optimizing your savings.

It also lets you monitor your spending, cancel unnecessary subscriptions and negotiate your internet bill.

And like any decent savings app, it simplifies your savings with a weekly transfer into a savings account with better returns.

Trim can be a perfect option if you want to save money by minimizing your expenses.

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