7+ Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic for Making More Sales

by Alex Well

To run a website successfully on the net you must have a good idea about which type of targeted website traffic you need. Unless you have exact targeted website traffic you can not find ways to market your website. There is absolutely no point in marketing to a set of people who are the wrong prospects.

It is a waste of a lot of money as well as time. It would make no difference to them how good your website may be. Once you identify the right kind of targeted traffic you are looking for, then you need to ensure that you keep increasing the number of visitors to your website.

Here are some best ways to increase your website traffic that can help you to generate more sales/conversions for your business.

Best Ways To Increase Website Traffic
Best Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Press Release

Using press releases to get targeted website traffic is so powerful because they are very easy to get ranking in search engines. Press releases usually include links and keywords that search engines use to calculate their results rankings.

Also, they are usually on websites that have enough domain authority in order to be considered credible. This means that search engines will take them more seriously.

When you send out a press release online they can be picked up by other websites as well. And this is definitely going to help you bring in more targeted website traffic.

There are websites that post information about various products and other miscellaneous things on a regular basis. But they aren't going to publish just anything on the site.

Press releases are usually seen as being very professional and concisely written.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds can help you to get continuous website traffic because having a feed properly placed on your site allows you to package your material and have it automatically redistributed across the Internet.

Easy distribution allows for readers of your content to spread it around to other people if they find it interesting enough. Of course when this happens website traffic is going to increase.

The second reason would be because not only can you have old blog posts archived by means of RSS feeds, but you can also have an MP3 recordings archive as well.

When it comes to getting website traffic many different formats have to be used. These formats may include audio sometimes, and there will be certain people who will only pay attention to what you have to say because they are able to listen to it rather than reading it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the best ways to increase targeted website traffic is to submit your website to the top search engines. You would need to resubmit your site every three months or so to them. Search for the top keywords used by people to search for blogs, articles, products, etc which your website deals with.

Once you identify the keywords make sure your blog or articles contain these keywords in their natural flow. If you do this your site would be listed on the 1st or 2nd page of these search engines as a result of which your targeted website traffic automatically increases.

You can actually visit the top websites in the area of your website of specialization and identify the keywords which they use. This is not considered as illegal as just noting the keywords and writing your own articles.

Take for instance if your website deals with bodybuilding you can have a look at the top bodybuilding sites that exist and find the keywords they use. If you find they use keywords like "exercise", "diet" etc there is no fault in implementing those keywords in your websites.

Keyword traffic or paid traffic ties you directly to the search engines. This means you will not have to be reliant upon factors that are out of your control.

When you decide to use paid traffic to get the website traffic you will have control over how targeted your traffic is along with having more knowledge about what rules you need to follow in order to keep you on the right side of things.

You can do segment advertising by country, which can affect your overall costs. You can start your own website with Bluehost web hosting which is recommended by WordPress itself. The pricing is affordable and you can get great discounts on Bluehost web hosting.

Now there have been many arguments that suggest people should venture into other countries when they are paying for traffic, but most of the major traffic comes from English-speaking countries and this should be the primary focus. Non-English speaking countries even though they have large populations are usually ineffective.

Article Marketing

Experienced Webmasters don't just rely on SEO alone to generate Website traffic. They also employ other techniques such as Article marketing to generate free traffic to their Websites.

Article Marketing is also a widely used technique for generating Website traffic. Since there are a large amount of Free Article submission sites on the internet, this approach can be a great source of visitors for your website.

You create Articles that contain information relevant to your Website, and place a link to your Website in the Article's resource box and submit your Article to an Article directory. Good Article directories get millions of visitors who read published Articles.

Submitted Articles have the potential of being viewed by a large number of readers, with the possibility of these readers clicking on the link to an Article author's Website. So you can see Article readers are potential visitors to your Website if you can get them to read your Articles.

Using Forums and Social Networking Sites

Identity community forums can help you find targeted website traffic for your site and create a profile on them. Through these forums, you can identify the kind of people who would be the right kind of targeted website traffic for you.

Also in a forum when you post a message you can add signatures. You can add your website link in the signature, this results in a lot of people getting to know about your website and would in all probability visit your website thereby increasing targeted website traffic.

Social networking sites are the talk of the town. Through these sites, you can add a lot of people who would be your targeted website traffic.

With the help of social network sites, you can increase the targeted traffic without spending anything absolutely. They have a lot of posts as well as community forums where you can write blogs and place the links of your website which are relevant to your blog.

Creating Valuable & Quality Content

Creating good content can lead to increased website traffic because it lends an enormous amount of credibility to your overall message. Whenever someone visits a website they are visiting because you have something of value they are interested in.

You will probably use a message in order to convey this, the quality of your content will lend support to this message and help build more trust.

If your content is loved by people then other websites will use your content to entertain their readers and this will generate a huge amount of traffic to your website now and in the future.

There's a good chance other websites in your particular niche are always on the lookout for new and fresh content. If your content is valuable and entertaining it is only a matter of time before a big website picks it up.

Video Marketing

Another great way is YouTube, YouTube is a large site with millions of people on it every day! Google owns YouTube, the number one search engine out there.

If you want targeted website traffic within a short period of time then you should definitely consider video marketing. Upload a video with information on your product's subject and you could get thousands of views!


These tactics, if done right, will make your website a lot more visible and will help you get your most desired result - a high conversion rate.

There are more ways to generate free traffic to the website you made. Continue on with learning the ropes of Internet Marketing - it will all be worth it.

I am Shubham Chopra, founder of Marketing Savior and an exuberant content creator with a great zest for providing insightful reviews about digital products that will help startups & SMEs penetrate into the online world easily.

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