Top 3 Ranking Factors in SEO?

ranking factors in seo
ranking factors in seo

Ranking Factors in SEO

Want to rank your website in Google’s top search results?

Of course, you do! Who would ever say no to that?

The REAL question is – how do you get your website to the top?

There are countless ranking factors in SEO out there, so where do you start?

With over 1 billion websites on the search engine, the reality is you will need time and effort to master the trick of the trade.

Good news: It is entirely possible. Start by focusing on these three SEO ranking factors especially picked by the digital marketing experts at Attrock. 

1. High-Quality Content Is A Must

Have you ever heard anyone saying “I don’t need quality content to rank my website”? No, right?

Content had always been and will always reign as king.

Your content has to provide value – no questions asked!

And as you master high-quality content, it will lower the bounce rate and boost time on page.

Want to increase presence in SERPs? Here’s how you can play it right.

  • Try to incorporate engaging visual content.
  • Make articles as in-depth and unique as possible to make it visible on Google’s radar.
  • Have readers’ queries resolved. Provide real solutions.
  • Give readers a solid reason to share your post.

2. Clean Crawlable Code

If Google can’t see it, how on earth will it rank it?

Codes are often neglected in search engine optimization. You may have the most reader-friendly website from the outside, but Google won’t render your website’s coding if they aren’t clean enough.

Heard of the search engine spider or bot that crawls your site? 

They are out there to read your website from top to bottom and if they find anything that has nothing to do with on-page content, they will come back to haunt you. 

Also, the poorly formatted code can drastically slow downloading speed – which happens to be a Google SEO ranking factor. 

  • Avoid too much coding.
  • Do not use heavy, over-the-top themes.
  • There should be no unrecognized code
  • Minify HTML, if possible. 

3. Voice Search Optimization

Companies are going crazy over the fact that by 2020 50% of major searches will be done via voice controls.

Interestingly, the onset has already begun. People are using voice-enabled devices, like Google Home and Alexa to complete their searches without even lifting a finger. 

Now, speaking from an SEO perspective, because voice searches are usually longer than normal keyboard searches, the pool of keyword will be far wider than the former.

You need to consider keywords that people normally use in conversations. 

Hint: Most are usually questions. 

  • What: For people who simply need general information.
  • How: For people who are looking for specific details about a product or service.
  • When: Aligning to have a deal closed. People asking such questions are almost certain about their options. 
  • Where: For people who have made up their mind about a product and want to know if it’s in stock.

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The more comprehensive your SEO strategy is the better. Start by building great content, focus on codes and make way for voice searches. These three ranking factors in SEO will definitely help.

Was any factor from this list new to you? Or do you think we missed something really important?

Either way, we’d like to hear from you. Let us know by leaving a comment below.