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by Alex Well

Ludo has to be one of your favorite board games if you enjoy playing them. Pachisi is a classic Indian game that has amused numerous generations and is still a popular favorite. While most people choose Ludo app download and play for amusement, few realize that it is also a strategic game in which applying the appropriate ludo tips and techniques may lead to a win.

Ludo's growing popularity has resulted in the game being available at our fingertips, allowing us to play at any time and against random individuals. When you play a classic board game against the same opponents, you tend to notice their characteristics and devise a plan to beat them, and vice versa.

When you play online, though, you are usually up against new players each time. How would you plan your approach if you didn't know the player? This is where you may select the best Ludo app download and the tips and techniques to become unstoppable.

Download Ludo App
Download Ludo App

All of the coin pieces should be opened

One of the initial ludo strategies for winning is to get all of your coins out of the home base as soon as possible. You're taking needless risks if you utilize one or two coins to advance with each dice roll. Your opponent soon kills you. When the number on the dice is low, and you can't rescue a key coin from the opponent with that number, opening all coins provides you greater options while moving them. As a result, concentrate on putting all of your coins to use as quickly as feasible.

Spread your coins on the board

If you wish to get a strategic edge in a ludo game, scatter your coins throughout the board. If there is no opponent around, strategically placing your money allows you to move them about freely. For example, if you have two coins in the same location and are surrounded by opponents, moving any piece might result in your coin being killed quickly. Furthermore, you may use this tactic to prevent your opponents from reaching their houses and win the game.

Make a plan of attack

Even when your money is on the line, the most exciting element of ludo is in attacking your opponents. You should put mercy aside and embrace an assaulting approach in ludo to become unbeatable. However, before you kill your opponent's coin, you should carefully weigh the risks. If your coin is in the first or second quadrant, your strategy should attack your opponent, even if it means putting your coin in danger.

If your coin is in the third or fourth quadrant, however, you should only assault your opponent if you can get away to a safe distance. As per the 'Rule of 7,' the safer distance is always at least seven steps ahead. This rule reduces your odds of being killed by making your opponent less likely to score a 6 and 1.

Patience is important

In order to win at ludo, you must be patient. If your coins are in the board's star-shaped zones, for example, your opponents cannot kill them there. If you don't receive a decent number on the dice in such a situation, it's preferable to leave the coin in the safe zone, especially if your opponents' coins surround yours. Instead, you can move other pieces already in danger or aren't in the safe zone. Patience is essential for protecting your money since one mistake move might send your coin back to the base, forcing you to restart from the beginning.

Your opponent will be blocked

Distracting your opponent is a strategy for securely bringing your coin into the house. When one of your coins gets close to your house, your opponents will keep a watch on it and try to murder it. To protect your pieces from the opponent's onslaught, you must block the opponent's pieces by chasing them.

Staying at least seven steps ahead of your opponents is a solid strategy since their chances of achieving that number are slim. The safest spot for your coins on the board is at least seven steps ahead of your opponents.

These five-pointers can help you make better decisions when playing ludo. Your opponent may be aware of these ludo strategies as well, but the person who has a more solid plan will win the game in the end. Before you start playing cash games, it's advisable to practice these methods in the free version of Ludo. When you think you've mastered these techniques, try your hand for Ludo app download to show off your abilities and earn cash rewards.

Ludo can teach you a lot about life

We should take away lessons from such games because life is constantly uncertain, and we must constantly be prepared and ready to respond with a strategy.

Ludo is a game that teaches us certain life skills, but they are limited to a relatively small area that is proportional to uncertainty.

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