9 Best Ways to Improve Mobile App Efficiency

by Alex Well

Have you ever thought about your life without mobile apps? As we all know, compared to the olden era nowadays, mobile phones have dramatically increased, depending on that the usage of mobile apps is increasing day-by-day. In the olden times when we did not invent the smartphone at that time, the mobile app was not in the limelight.

In this modern era, a plethora of mobile applications are developed and are still developing. The world knows the success in this cellular industry has reached its highest peak compared to other industries.

In this pandemic, as no one was allowed to come out of their houses at that time, with the help of mobile phones and mobile applications, people are getting updates as per their needs. By staying at home, individuals can easily survive and get their essential things online using mobile applications.

As all youngsters more influence the utilization of mobile apps. Mobile app development companies should make sure to maintain the performance of the application and also should develop more and unique apps.

Best Ways To Improve Mobile App Efficiency
Best Ways To Improve Mobile App Efficiency

Why Mobile App Performance is Important?

The mobile app enhances the battery durability of the mobile phone along with that usage of internet and storage capacity should also be considered so that mobile phone can give a quick command to the application without lacking.

Secondly, due to the bad performance of the mobile applications, it can affect the internet speed. Among all the several applications installed on mobile phones, one application is not working correctly due to some bug fixes. The application can consume more data to work correctly, and it can have a destructive impact on other applications.

If application performance is not working correctly, it can also affect the RAM and ROM of a mobile phone system. So mobile application development companies should make sure the mobile app's performance and update the app performance regularly so that there are fewer chances to get harmful effects on the RAM and ROM of the mobile system.

Nowadays, the review and rating of the application play a significant role in the installation of the mobile application, so mobile app development companies should ensure to get an excellent rating to the application so that individuals can easily download and enjoy that application.

How to Improve Mobile App Efficiency?

Given below are the best tips to improve your mobile app performance.

App Startup Time

Startup time should be quick and not load anything while starting the app. Slow startup time can cause the loss of the user, so you should make sure about the starting time of the application.

Here startup time is divided in three various ways:

  • Cold start
  • Hot start
  • Warm start

Cold Start

Firstly, cold starts mainly occur when your phone restarts the application or starts the application after it crashes.

Hot Start

Hot start brings the application in the limelight, and this hot start is much easier and more straightforward than a cold start.

Warm Start

During the cold start, the warm start takes place when the cold start is facing a problem to start the app.

Memory Consumption

In mobile phones, memory consumption is the most important thing. As per the developer experience, we must make sure that memory should remain in good condition to work properly.

If the memory consumption is more, the battery usage will also increase, and it can also take time to load the app can also consume more space that you cannot use for another app.

Network Speed

If network speed is slow, the loading time of mobile applications increases, so it is essential to have high network speed. In this hustle and bustle of the city, no one has time to wait for the application to load.

Network speed plays a vital role in mobile app performance because if the network speed frequency is less, the app will take more time to load, affecting the performance of the mobile app.

Small Image Size

The image designer should make sure that the size of the image is not significant because the mobile app performance also depends upon the image loading time. So if the size of the image is oversized, it will take much time to load and vice versa.

Native Experience

Native apps are accessed and visible through icons on the mobile phone. The application store also installs native apps; they can install from the Google play store and Apple app store. They can also access cameras, GPS, and accelerometers.

Frontend and Backend

The app installed from Google play store and Apple app store is called a frontend app that works on mobile apps. The application can be accessed by a smartwatch and all other types of devices.

Backend is an additional application for mobile apps, while later, it works in the frontend. It is software that works on servers.


As we all know that how much is mobile apps are essential in our daily routine. We can say that our day starts with a mobile app. Because of this, it is crucial to improve the ability of mobile apps. You will get the complete guideline in this blog as you want.

In this blog, you will thoroughly get to know about the various best ways to improve the capability of your mobile app.

I'll be glad to know that this blog helps you and guides you to run your mobile app in a better way.

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