How to Launch An On-demand Handyman Services App? (Benefits + Features)

by Alex Well

The concept of on-demand services has started to steadily step into different business sectors. Previously, people had to ring up a nearby handyman service professional and get the repairments accomplished. In general, the traditional method of availing of services is always tailed with drawbacks. So, the idea of providing handyman services online came into being.

Read this blog to explore the advantages of starting an on-demand handyman services business.

7 Advantages of Developing an Online Handyman Services Business

Launch On Demand Handyman Services App
Launch On Demand Handyman Services App

Better Exposure to Your Business

Launching your online handyman services business will pave the way for better visibility. You can reach out to a global audience easily. Advertising your business online is effective when compared to advertising your business offline. Therefore, gaining the spotlight for your handyman services becomes relatively easy.

Easy to Allocate Jobs

No matter the number of requests you receive, your handyman application allocates the jobs to the handyman professionals simultaneously. The second the service request hits your application, it will be mapped to the handyman professional based on the type of service. The app's push notifications feature will quickly send the service request to the nearest and available handyman.

This process of job allocation happens in a circular process, connecting the user's service request to the available handyman professionals.

Jack Up the Number of Bookings

If you take your handyman business online, the number of bookings will definitely jack up. The reason is pretty straightforward. As mentioned previously, an online presence will throw some light on your business. So, ultimately, when the visibility of your business increases, the number of bookings or the number of customers will also increase.

Also, since online applications are available 24×7 for booking, users can conveniently book their service request. A quick tip for you! You can employ handyman service professionals 24×7 so that your users can avail themselves of the required services at any time.

Minimal Administration Cost

The online handyman services application will save you from the hectic administrative work. In order to explain in detail, we need to compare the online and offline method of administration. Firstly, in the online method, you don't have to spend copious time handling the requests and tracking the progress of the service.

Since the handyman app will automatically allocate the incoming service requests to the professionals, human intervention will not be needed. Hence, you can save time. Other than this, you can look after the progress of the service by tracking them via the application.

All of these benefits are deterred in the manual method, where your administrative task involves from receiving the request to tracking them.

Easy to Know the Demand Areas

The advancements in technology have intensified the benefits for online businesses. One such benefit is the ability to know the area of demand. The feature that lets the access of demands for your service is called heat maps. Generally, this feature is employed in the online taxi businesses to know the areas that have the highest demand for the service.

This feature can be integrated with your handyman services application for better business decision making. Let us see how. The app's GPS facility will track the location from which the services are requested. So, if you get to know the location that throws intense demand for your service, then you can hire/allocate handymen to that location.

Reduces Manual Work

The penetration of digital technologies has swept the need for paperwork. With zero paperwork and complete digitization, you can increase the overall efficiency of your handyman services business. You can upload the information of the users and handymen on your app and access them whenever needed. Also, modifying the uploaded information will also be easy.

Since the app is connected to the cloud server, there is no need to bother about the loss of data. Overall, right from the process of allocating the jobs to billing, the entire set of administrative task is digitized. Bid farewell to the traditional paperwork!

Centralized Dashboard

In order to examine the business activities, you need a pile of information like user data, type of handyman service requested, activities of the handymen, overall revenue and expenditure. You can carry out your management activity effortlessly if all the information is accessible from a single window.

For that, the app has a centralized dashboard that comprises management features like location tracker, revenue manager, payment tracker, and review manager. Without switching from one window to another, you can oversee the functioning of your handyman service business.

From this assortment of benefits, we will learn the requisite features to be incorporated into the handyman app.

Top 5 Features of the On-demand Handyman Services App

Service Request

The users will mention the type of handyman services they are interested in. Based on the type of service, the user's request will be mapped to the handyman. In some handyman services apps, the users are given access to input the budget in which they are looking to avail of the service. The handymen can select the service based on the budget constraints provided by the user. So, you can either follow the former method of automatic mapping or the latter method.

Service Scheduler

The service scheduler feature will let users avail of the service on a specific date. The user must mention the date and the concerned handyman will be mapped to complete the service.

Location Tracker

None of the on-demand services apps must lack the location tracking feature. In that regard, the area of the handyman can be tracked by the user through the GPS-based location tracker.

Integrated Payment

Different types of digital payment methods give flexibility to users in making payments for handyman services.

Availability Toggle

Whether or not the handyman service professional is available or not is important. Only after confirming that the handyman professional is available, the service request will be assigned.

Final Thoughts

The growth of on-demand handyman services is steadily increasing in contemporary times. You can provide a myriad of handyman services like carpentry, plumbing, painting, etc., by investing in the Gojek clone app.

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