Uber Clone App – Developing A Taxi Booking App in IOS and Android

by Alex Well

Busy traffic, no parking pace there is a fair share of living in the cosmopolitan cities. Owning a car is always a worthy investment but, looking at the growing traffic congestion, people now prefer to travel by cabs. Especially after the COVID19, citizens are avoiding public transportation and travel using cabs which are now extremely cheap and quick to get. Perhaps, there is increased demand is the reason behind their soaring popularity of on-demand taxi booking apps.

Indeed, Uber Clone App development seems to be the ideal move not only for the entrepreneurs but those who are already running a taxi business.

So, if you are looking to create an app like Uber in Android and IOS it is crucial to understand the various aspects of the taxi booking app.

Uber Clone App
Uber Clone App

How Does Uber Clone App Work?

Why Uber like App? It is quick, easy, and transparent. It hardly takes few steps to book the ride and get through it.

Uber Clone App Work Flow

  • Make a taxi request - Open the app and enter the pickup and drop-off location. Picks up the car type, and makes the payment
  • Confirming the ride - The driver receives the user's request and confirms the trip. Once the confirmation is sent the user can see the driver details, car model and number, driver name, rating, and estimated time to reach the location.
  • In the case of a ride rejection, the request is allocated to the nearest driver and so on.
  • The driver sends a signal to the system, once he starts the ride. The tracking begins. The user can see the car moving on a real-time basis.
  • The taxi app comes equipped with multiple payment options for the users. The estimated fare is shown before booking the ride.
  • Both users and the drivers leave reviews for each other. The feedback serves as an encouragement for the drivers to care more about the driving service.

Technologies Involved in Creating Uber Clone App in IOS and Android

You can have as many new version 2021 features that you require to build Uber Clone App. However, the ultimate objective is to serve your customers by offering Best Uber Clone App.

UI/UX Design

On-demand taxi booking app is all about serving your customer right. Thus, the Uber Clone App has to be engaging, attractive, and easy-to-use UI/UX. Similarly, the app development cost for Uber Clone also involves designing cost. Make your app simple yet engaging so that your users keep coming back.

Ride Cost Estimates

It is an essential feature that shows the user an estimated trip fare before they book the ride. To create an app like Uber you will need this feature. The app development team will be developing an algorithm for estimating the trip fare based on the user's pickup and drop-off location.

If you are following Uber's business model, the app offers different types of car models to travel. Hence the trip fare will differ based on the car model selected by the user.

Geo-location API

The most prominent feature that you need to integrate into Uber Clone App. The user when pinpoints on the map where you want the driver to come for the pickup is actuallt the Geo-location API working at the backend. It also allows the user to live-track the taxi movements.

There are different APIs available for geo-location that include Google Mpas, HERE, MapBox, MapFit, TOMTOM, Jawgmaps, OpenLayers, etc.

Notifications and Communications

Notifications are crucial features that require integrating into apps like Uber. The user's at times needs to communicate with the driver.

SMS, In-app call/chat feature, Push-notification can help notify the users about order confirmation of the taxi booking, car arrival, the trip is about to end, new promo codes, etc.

The following tools can be used to build an Uber app with flexible notifications:

  • Implementing Apple Push Notification Service can be extremely beneficial in providing timely notifications to the users when you are making an app like Uber.
  • Integrating Firebase Cloud Messaging services to get seamless messaging services when you are building an Android-powered app.
  • SMS notifications require few additional steps like contacting the telecommunication service provider that allows you to leverage such a feature.

Payment Integration

You have all the "bells and whistles" but not up to the mark payment integration your app has no value. With the help of modern technologies, integrating secured payment gateways can simplify financial transactions between all parties easily and quickly.

The payment gateway service providers offer PCI compliance solutions. If you have multiple payment gateway providers integrated into your Uber Clone App, you can have a wider customer base, better brand visibility, your app is appreciated for leveraging secured payment modes.

In Conclusion

Summing up everything listed above, the single-platform application that has nearly the same functionality as the Uber app the development cost will vary depending on the OS platform you choose. If you are developing on both platforms it will be expensive than creating on a single platform. Also, know that the price of the UI/UX as well as apps for drivers and Admin Panel to manage the entire operations will be added.

The final cost of developing the Uber Clone App highly depends on the several factors as well as the preferences you wish to implement in your taxi booking app.

Anurag Rathod is a tech guru at Appclonescript.com who has been associated with many multi nations IT companies developing the Uber clone app. His expertise lies in market analysis, app projection and prediction and blogging about technology

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